Jeannine Guyot Music

Hailing from Fannystelle Manitoba, musician Jeannine Guyot performs original & traditional bilingual folk songs for all.


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SHAW TV Interview

This is a SHAW TV interview covering Jeannine Guyot and her band "Trilogie", on the release of their first album Beginnings... available online January 2019.

Original Compositions

This is where I will be posting my original compositions and music. I am currently in the studio with Shea Malcolmson at Think Tank Music & Media preparing to record my first full length solo album.

Covers and Re-Interpretations

Here you will find my posts of cover songs and traditional folk music that I have re-interpreted and added some of my own personal flair and soul to. These songs  may be recognizeable and are always fun to do.

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Pianist and Session Musician

I am often part of collaborations with other artists either as a contributor to the writing, the music or the performance. Here is where I will be posting all of my collaborative efforts for you to hear and share!